ADHD Awareness Week Logo

  • ADHD Awareness Week Logo
  • The project was to create a logo around ADHD Awareness Week, to be used to promote various events, to brand their website and materials, and create a unified identity around the ADHD Awareness Week to be used for general purposes.

    I wanted a clean, modern look that spoke to what ADHD is and the role it plays in today's society, and not the old stereotypes traditionally associated with it. I also wanted to play with the concept of attention, since ADHD is about attention (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and the awareness week is about bringing attention to ADHD. 

    I decided on using arrows as a method for directing the viewer's attention in a way that emphasized this manipulation of the viewer's attention. I took the original letterform of the A and slanted it, lining it up on the right with the D and using the angled stroke to draw the eye down to the beginning of the words "Awareness Week". The underlining arrow that "Awareness Week" is knocked out of brings the viewer's eye forward, suggesting what is coming next—a better future? greater awareness and knowledge? any and all of the above, perhaps.