ACME: Mafia Inspired Liquor Set

  • This is a branding set of three consumable products for Acme, an organic company based in Urbana, IL based on a subculture that we received; mine was the American Mafia. I narrowed the specific audience to males between the ages of 21–60 that enjoyed watching mafia related movies and wished that they were part of the American Mafia with the perfect woman, family, car, job, fighting to protect who and what they love. There are always many social events in Mafia movies, let alone get together in the real world with people in their 20s and up, so the idea of branding a set of liquor bottles came as the biggest nod to not only the targeted audience, but also the topic of the Mafia. It also pulls in the direct connotation that many associate with the Mafia is the Prohibition and bootlegging in the 1920s. The main attributes that I focused on were dominance, family, loyalty, goal oriented, stylish.
  • front of three types of alcohol, each tie a different base color, different ties for different occasions thus different liquors based on the situation.
  • close up.
  • front, top (cap) and back view of bottle.
  • different times on lid reference times of day consumer may consume.
  • inside reverse back label.
  • inside verse front label.