Created: 04/11/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
This project incorporates rebranding, repackaging, and advertising for ACELL INC., a biomedical company based out of Columbia, MD.
    rebranding, repackaging, advertising
  • The ACELL brand kept the same logo the company uses now. The energetic orange curve visually communicates the regenerative healing technology the biotech company is known for. Alternatively, the turquoise color of the letters ground the logo creating an established, healing, successful awareness for the company.

    Although this is a school based project, inital interviews and research were conducted with multiple ACELL employees in Maryland and Indiana. The background work was essential in understanding the company's direction, products, and current package designs. The package design was developed after the rebranding process.

    ACELL's products can be found on doctor's shelves across the United States. Their products thus far have been shipped in standard box containers. The final solution for the package design informs doctors more about the product and allows easier access as it sits on a self. The product is sealed individually so shelf-life is not a concern. The package features instructions, important application information, and individual shipment information.

    The advertisement is a flash banner illustrating the transition from the old logo to the new proposed one pictured below.