• AAMU Cafe

    Word Mark | Graphic Design 2 | 2009

  • For this project we had to design a logo and develop an identity guideline for a restaurant.  We could choose from a fast-food restaurant, seafood/steakhouse restaurant, or a cafe well known for using locally produced products.  We had to identify and research our target audience and decide what made our restaurant different from its competitors.  

    In our design brief my partner and I decided that our restaurant was going to be located in Tacoma, WA and what made our cafe unique was the fact that it was opened in a newly renovated, old Finnish shoe store and served original Finnish recipes using many local ingredients.  The cafe started out as a shoe store, opened by our great-great-grandparents about 150 years ago.  The shop had then been passed down through the family and was eventually made into AAMU cafe.

    AAMU means morning in Finnish.