A Wes Anderson Star Wars Christmas

Created: 11/17/12
Last Edited: 11/17/12
2012 Christmas Card for Ann Matthews and Josh Jaye.
  • aka A 2012 Christmas Card for Ann Matthews and Josh Jaye.

    I usually have one rule about Christmas— and that's not to talk about Christmas until after Thanksgiving— but this project has been so much fun to collaborate on, it needed to be shared asap.

    One not-so-gloomy day at work the idea to combine Ann and Josh's undying love for Star Wars with their passion for Wes Anderson movies was born.
    We decided one most excellent photo* must be taken by mixing Star Wars helmets with the
    Zissou vs Hennessey dynamic from Life Aquatic. (I, myself, was happy to see Zissou and Hennessey could put aside their differences for the holidays.)
    The final touches included applying Wes' loyalty to a yellow Futura Bold with his trend in documenting the small details of his character's books/photos/luggage/etc in his opening credits and trailers.

    *Photograph captured by the lovely Ann Matthews herself.
    Make sure to like her on facebook and book her for your next photo sesh!
    (because I like her in real life and she's an amazing photographer)

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