A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas | Main Title, Mktg.

  • A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas | Main Title, Marketing
    Concept Development, Design 3D Modeling & Animation

    Besides Harold and Kumar themselves, nothing epitomizes Harold & Kumar better than marijuana and the copious consumption of it.  And this being a Christmas classic in the making, of course there would be a marijuana festooned wreath for the main title.

    Why stop there; in addition to the main title sequence, the logo I designed was also used for the movie posters, key art and collateral marketing.

    Then we did a mid-movie dream sequence that regaled the imagined vision of a gangster's rage unleashed on the poor fool attempting to become intimate with said gangster's daughter.

    All this in a day's work for my favorite comedy franchise.

    This project was produced at Picture Mill.

  • Main Title Sequence

  • "Sergei" Dream Sequence

  • Main Title Logo Design

  • Marketing Logo Design

  • "Sergei" Dream Sequence Concept Development & Design