A Quarterlife Crisis

  • A Quarterlife Crisis
    BFA Photography Thesis
  • As I find myself on the brink of adulthood, a feeling of separation anxiety from my younger self has ensued.  Although adolescence is famed to be one of the most transformative times in a young person’s life, I have found that the struggle for self-discovery is prevalent now more than ever.  Displaying an embarrassing scrape on my knee, losing faith in birthday celebrations as I get older, and wanting the comfort of a nightlight when I sleep are all moments that send me back to a place where I feel trapped in a confusing state between childhood and adulthood.  These moments often leave me feeling puzzled, frustrated, or empty.

    In A Quarterlife Crisis, I use self-portraiture to demonstrate how these occurrences create a vision for the transformational time that everyone goes through in the process of growing up.  The spaces that I have chosen to construct these specific moments are all based off of vivid memories of myown surroundings as a child.  With this work, I hope to build a relatable character that sheds light on the anxieties of the every day, and perhaps bring clarity to this universal struggle of growing up.
  • Scraped Knee
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  • A Celebration
  • An Experiment and a Witness
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