A Midsummer Night's Dream Poster Series

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream Posters
    A series of posters for the Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA

  •  The use of negative space of bottom the donkey gives the play a magical and whimsical quality. The Purpose of this poster series is to draw attention to the a supporting characters of the play, rather than focus on the four main characters.

    Bottom, originally a townsman acting in a play for the king, was turned into a donkey by the mischievous Puck and then later the queen faerie is tricked into falling in love with him. Bottom is colored red because he serves as the comedic relief and is a happy energetic character.

    The King and Queen Faerie are angry with each other the entire story. Their jealousy of each others lovers causes the King Faerie to send puck and play tricks on the queen. Puck accidentally works his magic on the four main characters and makes them fall in and out of love with each other. The king and queen are colored green to demonstrate their jealousy of each other.

    Puck is the king Faerie's right hand man. He does all his bidding and is characterized by the mischief he puts on the four main characters. He is the reason why the four characters fall in and out of love with each other the whole play. Puck is colored purple for the mischief he plays on all the characters.