Design Infinity

  • Design Infinity
    There is no limit on your brand development and execution.
  • The concept is based on cell division activity, which represents for a continuous and repeatable procedure. Moreover, a cell division process has the same image with infinity symbol, so conveniently, we could combine it together.
  • The final logo, which collages from two circles and a splash, takes the form of infinity symbol, our main concept. We keep the color pallet simple, 3 basic tone: Black - Grey - White. 
  • As this is a monthly graphic design services that offer the client "unlimited" design items with free revisions every month, so we decide to choose the infinity symbol to tell a story, whiles transferring the repeatable personality of a cell into visual artwork to highlight the main function of our wonderful services.
  • Key visual refers to graphic elements that could be used repeatedly in artworks as a part of a current brand's identity design. The use of key visual is a good way to help expand brand awareness. In this project, we modify and play with the infinity icon to make it become key visual. The final result, as you can see, is a magical artwork with a repeating infinity icon.
  • The corporate identity of Infinity design is based on dark grey and white color, all to keep the design simple and more focus on the quality of the materials. We believe that when we put our client's product image into a clean and minimal template, it will enhance the perfection of the design into higher level.
  • The dynamic layout design for poster and banner artwork.
  • We finalize this concept by adding some colors to make it more attractive and suits more situations.
    Thank you for watching!