• The name of the exhibition—Horn Please, was derived from a painted message seen behind most of the trucks in India. It is a signal for the vehicles behind the trucks to blow the horn before overtaking.
  • To create a connection between the design of an Indian truck and gallery walls, the space was designed to imitate the side panels of a truck. Divided neatly into sections, as it would be divided onto a real truck, the space was then hand painted to establish the laborious work that goes into the painting of an Indian truck.
  • The exhibition space consisted of two walls—a green colored wall that was used to display the design elements inspired by the truck art of India, and an orange colored wall that was used to promote the documentary.
  • The exhibition walls also showcased three hand painted symbols and motifs that appear frequently on Indian trucks—Lord Ganesha, Namaskar, and the Peacock.
    All the three symbols were supported with short descriptors and selected on the basis of their religious, cultural and national significance.