Conference wayfinding signage

  • Project year: 2013
    Temporary signage system (student project)
    Deployed during DEEP 2013, July 12–14, 2013
    Finalist, Placemaking category, 2014 RGD Student Awards
    This was a set of temporary signage for a three-day conference called DEEP (Designing Enabling Economies and Policies) which was held from July 12–14, 2013. The signage was designed to compensate for the general lack of and poor placement of existing directional signage at the venue, as well as a lack of visible identification signs at certain key locations.
    The final design included 36 unique signs placed on three floors at 43 locations. Due to budgetary constraints all signs were printed on ordinary letter-sized paper.
    Event logo: Mariel Vandeloo
    Arrows and icons: AIGA Symbol Signs
  • Large identification sign, visible at the beginning of the corridor, to supplement the existing identification sign that is not visible until the visitor finds the room
  • Large directional sign to supplement the complete absence of directional signage in the elevator lobby
  • The design of the signage system went through a relatively standard process beginning with a visit to the site, followed by the marking up of floor plans, drafting of a sign message schedule, and on-site testing of sign visibility.
  • Early visibility testing to test for appropriate sizes
  • Subsequent visibility testing to confirm sizes
  • Partially put up signage at entrance area