Pride Family Portraits

  • Pride Family: A Portrait Project​​​​​​​
  • Pride month takes place in the context of a groundswell up-rising against racism and police brutality and in the continued isolation of COVID-19.

    When Pride celebrations got cancelled or moved online due to the pandemic, In-House Int’l designer Carlos Castro realized how infrequently LGBTQ+ families in all their diverse configurations are centered and represented.

    The Pride Family portraits are the result of that reflection, a way to celebrate the LGBTQ+ families cultivating belonging, safety, care and love every day of the year.
  • Because In-House is a creative studio, we reached out to creative LGBTQ+ individuals whose work we follow. They work in different areas of creativity: visual art, poetry, zines, the ballroom scene, typography, journalism, branding and graphic design. Each day, one family was highlighted on the studio's Instagram feed, with a quote from their interviews. You can read all interviews in whole here

    The configurations of their families vary–some have children, others a beloved pet, others are friends, some live apart. It’s worth noting that LGBTQ+ families can take many shapes that are not often represented, and that this series only scratches the surface. In the interviews published below, families shared their thoughts in about Pride and what family means to them.
  • Stickers created for this project are free for personal use. 
    Follow the links below to get started:

    - Sticker pack for Whatsapp and iMessage []
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    To use stickers from Instagram Stories, type in ‘familyis’ or ‘pridefamily’ on the GIF image search.