Dramaturgias #1, Sesc São Paulo

  • Dramaturgias #1 is a publication about contemporary Brazilian theatre, a record of several activities held at Sesc Ipiranga throughout 2019. While artists in Brazil are under severe attack by the current right-wing government, it was both a big responsibility and a privilege to work on such a project.

    Sesc is a non-profit institution that has 43 units in São Paulo alone, and around 600 across all 27 brazilian states. Providing health assistance, leisure, sports, culture and education services for all age groups and social strata, that are often free or inexpensive.
  • The main attraction of the publication would be the exposed binding, matching the cover's bright-red 032 U Pantone. Everything was printed in CMYK + PMS color.

    Type-wise, we went with Druk for all titles, Lyon Text for running-text and Graphic for dialogues, all by Commercial Type. Maison Mono appears on page numbers and running titles.