Annual Report UDEM 2019

  • This 2019, Universidad of Monterrey changed their communication objectives to highlight the characteristics that have differentiated them from other universities throughout its 50 years: “soft skills”. These refer to those skills focused on emotional intelligence and how you interact with other people. These skills are learned in college along with the “hard skills" (technical knowledge of careers), with the promise that through these, the university inspires the best version of its community.

    For the development of this graphic proposal, we applied elements of the new university campaign to be consistent in communication, in this case, in addition to the personalized alphabet made for the campaign, numbers were also created based on the "Work Sans" typography to create shapes that reinforce the UDEM pillars at the same time that they function as windows into the university to visualize its achievements in 2019.

    Through these windows the DNA of the university is shown, which consists of a more updated and brilliant color system that is found in the photographs and videos symbolizing how the “soft skills” that are developed in the UDEM permeate and conforms their community. The typographic palette kept the institutional "Neo Sans" typeface to encourage an easy reading, while for titles and bullets "Nexa" typeface was used, which is the main typeface of the campaign.

    To make the students aware of some of these achievements, a video was made in which emblematic scenes from the chapters, and the most relevant data is shown through graphics, icons, and photographs to make it attractive, dynamic, and easy to understand.

    Composed of multiple graphics and striking elements, this annual report shows the trajectory and the new face of the university without losing the essence that it has built during these 50 years of history.

    Erika Múzquiz​​​​​​​

    Zilia Zentella
    Ana Cristina Espinosa

    Mario Campos

    Javier Halley Morales

    Karina Zertuche