• Obojene Boje i Ja / Hardcover Book

  • Besides having so much love for graphic design I also have a passion for writing. I have been writing poetry since I was very young, but never tried to publish any of my works. This is my first book, but I haven't published it yet. I am done with the writing and designing, but I am still looking for a publisher.

    I have only printed a few pieces (8) with Mixam so far, and I can tell you these guys are awesome. The pieces look great. If you need  to print your book, please check out these guys first at www.mixam.com.

    "Obojene Boje i Ja" book is basically about me. It is fool of love, agony, nostalgia etc.. It hasn't been translated in English yet, but I hope it will be in the near future.

    I'm so exited about my first book!!!

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