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    The brands main objective is to connect with their community by improving their habits towards a healthier lifestyle, to achieve this, they design highly effective products to meet their objectives.

    Ruled by a simple philosophy: 
    "Natural ingredients of the highest quality , without unnecessary fillers, without sweeteners and without artificial flavors", Truu equips the members of their community with the best tools to achieve every day a better version of themselves .

    Truu Nutrition seeks to empower from professional athletes and fitness fanatics, to people who only seek to improve their quality of life, their priority is your well-being and your confidence, that is why the product are labeled with a "Clean Label" , always showing both the formulas and the ingredients that make them up, transparency at it´s finest.

    The entire branding purpose is to highlight the energy and vibrance when consuming the product. The brand symbol is a blend between a monogram a pill and the "power" symbol,  representing the core of the brand.
    In return we created a highy memorable brand that disrupts the supplements category. 

    Truu People. Truu Ingredientes.  Truu Nutrition®.

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