FH Ronaldson™ Display

  • FH Ronaldson™ Display

    Ty - FH Ronaldson™
    Ca - Serif
    Da - 2020
    De - Fatih Hardal
    Fo - Hardal Studio
    Co - Turkey

    Phemister Old Style c1858
    Bookman Old Style 1863
    FH Phemister          

    FH Ronaldson was produced as a similar version of FH Phemister. Phemister type feet are used sharply. The name Phemister comes from Alexander Phemister. Inspired by Ronaldson Old Style, which came from the same letter foundry, the name FH Ronaldson was created. It has been released as the 2nd version of this series.

    Vertical Stress
    Thin strokes throughout
    Most capitals have uniform width

    The 2020 version contains all characters.
    The OTF (OpenTypeFeatures) format is available in Macintosh and Windows.