Maria Hortelã

  • About 

    Maria Hortelã is a multi-brand store of women's clothing and accessories, located in the city of Porto Velho. The store serves a primarily female audience, vain women, professionals who are looking for a way to stay young in the busy day-to-day rush. In general, marcá's profile is young and mature, she seeks to attract independent and strong women who seek in their vanity a way to feel good about themselves.

    One of the main differentials of the brand will be in offering quality products with attractive prices below the average found among the main competitors. However, the price offer will not come at the cost of product quality. With this, the brand seeks the possibility of building customer loyalty, always being synonymous with a high cost-benefit ratio.
    The brand has a light, young and relaxed aura. Its proposals are to offer a friendly environment for customers, at the same time informal and contemporary. The name needs to be authentic as well as the brand proposal. A mix between being unique, exclusive but also accessible. Maria Hortelã is not for the few. It is for everyone that the right is given.