True North

  • Challenge
    True North Ltd is located in the north of Mozambique and serves various industries, primarily: Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Security and Public Infrastructure.
    The company provides both products and services, among others: High and Low Safety Fence Solutions, Well Drilling, Hydraulic Infrastructure e.g. Water and Sewerage Pipes, Engineering Solutions, Building Construction, Basic Metal Production.
    The brand identity of the company has not yet been consolidated and we were faced with the task of fixing it. We have taken into account the wishes of the owners of the company for a smooth and professional brand image and have preserved the graphic symbol of the logo - wood - which is recognizable throughout Mozambique.

  • Based on the different areas of True North's business, we have created an individual color palette, each color belonging to its respective business. In tandem with proprietary, recognizable graphic elements, which are also used to identify company divisions, we were able to create an individual graphic language for True North.

  • The use of individuals characters in the photos, working specialists, management department, professional processes, allow you to feel the atmosphere of the company, show open workflow in all its details and build friendly communication.

  • The color scheme was based on aspects of northern nature, unique shades of northern lights, water depth, frosty air, purity and natural form create a characteristic atmosphere and free spirit.

  • Result:
    Increasing recognition of the company, professional visual communication and new positioning - create a recognizable image and associative range, increasing the number of clients and the value of the company in the market.