Remake Project: The Moonlight Box

  • This work is actually a remake of a set of mid-autumn gift box packaging solutions many years ago. I hope everyone can like it! The detailed design concept can check my original work: [ The Project of Mid-Autumn Festival ]

    本作品其实是针对多年前的一套中秋礼盒包装方案进行的重制,希望大家喜欢!详细的设计理念可看我的原作:[The Project of Mid-Autumn Festival]

  • The main creative point of the packaging is I design a special mechanism for the box as an opening effect,  users can experience the process of the beginning and end of the moon eclipse when opening the box, which is very interactive and interesting.

    When the circular embossed plate in the center of the box is fully opened, the lights below the decorative plate will light up, which means the moon have a reunion.