• I tried my first cigarette at the age of 5 and by my 7th year I was done.
    What I didn't give up was my fascination....the allure of style. From the package designs to the various ways of lighting, holding the sticks &
    the nuances of hanging off the lips, to the side, squinty or even closed eyes. Your cigarette style said who you are.
     Chesterfields, Pall Mall and Lucky Strike was for the common working man. As a war vet my Uncle Shorty loved his Camels.
    Winston and Marlboro would be an upgrade and Virginia Slims was of course for sophisticated ladies.
    It was cool....very sexy cool.
    And as a 5-year old I wanted to be like the men, like my father.
    Over the years I've collected a variety of matches, just in case I want to fire-up again.
    You never know.
    Maybe not.