• In 2016 America was hijacked by a gang of thugs in blue suits, red ties, red caps & touting American Exceptionalism. 
    The gang choose to ignore the rich history of Exceptional Americans who actually made America great with their creativity,
    resourcefulness, determination and bravery.
    For this piece I selected a few iconic individuals. They were the rabble-rousers, weirdos, intellectuals, social & global explorers.
    The 2016 gang will disagree with my selections because these American sought democracy, equality, freedom,
    challenged racism, pushed creativity, embraced science and included smart women.
    Were these Americans perfect? Absolutely not. We are all flawed. 
    America has a history by making history.
    We can do it again. 
  • Thanks in advance for your appreciation! 
    (A limited edition of 25 were printed, signed & numbered.)