Phu Dong Group

  • Phu Dong Group
    Scope of Work: Re-Branding consulting / Logotype / Identity design
    Sector: Real Estate
    Year: 2020​​​​​
  • Phu Dong Group is a real estate corporation with nearly 40 years experience in the industry. They have expertise in Real Estate, Construction, Construction Materials, Education and Tourism. In late 2019, Vietnamese's real estate faced more challenges and continued on growing fast. Phu Dong Group understood that they need to make a change to adapt better with incoming situations. 
  • The creativity process, we started this project in late December of 2019, and had been working closely with the group's CEO to interview, brief, understand and develop the concept from the very beginning.

  • We take lots of time to study about everything that relates to our client. We study their business model, core value, missions, visions, marketing plans, the products, the market, competitors... literally everything and analyze those information.
    "a wealthy area in the east" We started the project from this idea, transform, combine the "sun" and the "coin" to illustrate the meaning of our client's brand name into visual artwork.
  • The logo typeface is inspired from the structure of construction. It also represents for the development of their buildings and projects.
  • Our key visual for this project is inspired by the sun and can be applied in many items.
  • The mascot of Phu Dong Group - Mr.Sunrise, a god of trust, hope and development
  • The brand identity set of Phu Dong Group is created to archive the purpose of simple application, trusted company and young color tone.
  • We strongly believe that with this full set of brand identity, whose color and mood tone are always consistent, will enhance our client's brand and attract their customers better.
  • The sign board and direction board of head quarter building.
  • The company profile and brochure.
  • Some of POSM and Poster applications.