FH Oscar™

  • FH Oscar™

    Ty - FH Oscar™
    Ca - Sans Serif
    Ke - Grotesque
    Da - 2020
    De - Fatih Hardal
    Fo - Hardal Studio
    Co - Turkey

    Breite Grotesk 1890
    Akzidenz - Grotesk c1898
    Monotype Grotesque c1926

    FH Oscar™ is a modern typeface in sans serif-grotesque structure designed by Fatih Hardal. It consists of Light, Light Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Bold Italic weights. It has a +450 glyph feature. It was created using the OpenTypeFeatures feature.

    FH Oscar™ was created during the design process, inspired by Breite Grotesk and Akzidenz-Grotesque. Rounded edges are used in this structure. The letters like F, K, Q, f, g, j give a modern look by using different glyph features.

    The 2020 version contains all characters.
    The OTF (OpenTypeFeatures) format is available in Macintosh and Windows.