Lifewater International

  • Lifewater International is a nonprofit water development organization dedicated to effectively and sustainably serve the world’s rural poor through integrated water, sanitation, and hygiene programs. The organization, which has been around for over 35 years, came to Rule29 for a refresh of their brand, hoping to appeal to new generations and distinguish themselves as a thought and practice leader in this nonprofit space.
  • Rule29 set out to develop a contemporary look that would demonstrate the professionalism and integrity of Lifewater, while also engaging interested audiences with powerful imagery and sleek design. The new mark is symbolic of Lifewater's signature impact program – WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene). These three elements come together to form a water drop, with the internal drop representing the final component of Lifewater's work: spiritual well-being.
  • From core identity pieces to strategic donor pieces, we redesigned every brand touchpoint from the ground up.
  • Lifewater wanted to show how a movement of engaged people can bring about real change in places of development. The purpose of the book was to thank donors and sponsors around the world and showcase how their involvement helped serve people and lead to better outcomes.The book included photographs of various locations around the world where Lifewater has been actively dedicated to aiding. Hand-drawn type added texture and a personal touch throughout.
  • In this video Rule29 produced, CEO Justin Narducci explains how desperate the situation is in the communities Lifewater is serving. Without adequate water resources, communities are forced to share water with livestock, resulting in deadly illness. This is the reality of communities prior to the work Lifewater supports.
  • The “Multiply” theme for their FY 2018 annual report connected to Lifewater’s heart to multiply health and hope by striving to end the global water and sanitation crisis, one village at a time. This theme is visualized with the dual use of both duotone and full-color imagery. This stacked interaction of images and text is also applied to callouts and quotes, establishing a consistent look and feel throughout the piece. By highlighting Lifewater’s Healthy Village model and its lasting impact on communities, we were able to support Lifewater’s efforts reach even more people with health, hope, and lasting change.
  • For the FY2019 annual report, you’ll find quotes and stories of transformation that demonstrate the true impact Lifewater can make when we all work together. Behind all the data, statistics, and numbers are vulnerable people needing safe water, health, and hope. 
    We used illustrated infographics along with in-country photography to communicate major milestones and metrics of Lifewater’s work.
  • Lifewater International came to us looking for a unique packaging to collect coins for their school water program. After several prototypes – and some Band-Aids – we developed a jerry can coin holder that was not only cool, but also was used to help explain how water is transferred. We also included some copy to help continue the messaging when kids took the jerry can home. Depending on the change used, when the bank was full, it was typically close to $40, meaning one person would be getting water for life!