[OnePlus 8 Series] Creative Advertising

  • 项目简介

    Project Introduction
    This is the first time we have collaborated with OnePlus on the creative direction of advertising. This time, we will focus on the new "OnePlus 8 Series" mobile phone to develop creativity, and we will use the OnePlus community, public account and other channels, as well as our installments. Advertisement on the homepage of Le app improves the brand exposure of both parties and achieves a win-win situation.

  • 创意解读


    Creative Explanation
    The main selling point of the OnePlus 8 mobile phone is the ultra-high-precision screen, which can truly restore the things seen by the naked eye. Therefore, the idea of ​​"using falsehood" is creatively adopted, and two sets of solutions are extended.

    Solution 1: The things displayed on the screen realistically deceived the pet, creating a series of unexpectedly interesting results, such as the puppy ignoring the frisbee in the distance, holding the phone back to the owner, and the cat and cat being tricked by the fish displayed on the screen, Keep licking the screen;

  • 方案二:除了主打屏幕逼真显示的卖点以外,创意上还融合了一加8全网最轻手机(仅180g)的理念,把手机置换成扑克牌,或者用小尾指撑起手机,仿佛如蝴蝶般轻盈。

    Solution 2: In addition to the main selling point of the realistic display on the screen, the concept of the lightest mobile phone (only 180g) of the OnePlus 8 network is also creatively integrated. Replace the mobile phone with a poker card, or use the little finger to support the mobile phone, as if like a butterfly As light as.

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