Julie's Library Podcast Artwork

  • Julie's Library Podcast Artwork

    Digital hand lettering and illustration for a new kids podcast, Julie’s Library, launched by Julie Andrews and American Public Media. Upon release, the podcast was #1 in the Kids & Family category and #15 overall in Apple podcasts.

    Client: Julie Andrews
    Art Direction: Minnesota Public Radio
  • Design Brief
    Target: Kids 5–8, busy parents
    Key message: Instill a lifelong love of books
    Tone: Sweet, classic, charming, familiar, welcoming
    Musts: Include Julie Andrews headshot and illustration of books.
  • Two initial concept sketches presented
    Concept 1: Classic library, featuring a hand drawn illustration of book shelves to play up the library imagery.
    Concept 2: Imaginative books, plays up the excitement that comes with reading, utilizing script lettering and flying book illustrations to create movement and energy. 
    Both concepts include a star motif that alludes to the stars that are in the Julie Andrews Collection logo.
  • Feedback
    The team selected the classic library concept. This sketch features the revised version following initial feedback, which includes adding more elements to the shelves for a more whimsical, fun feel and additional “easter eggs” of some of Julie Andrews’ other work, such as Hugo the duck, and items that can be referenced in the stories that will be featured in the podcast.
  • Color Exploration
    The next phase was color exploration. The team originally leaned towards a more muted, softer palette, but after client feedback I ultimately explored a few options with brighter, more vibrant colors ranging from warm to cool tones. The team chose option three for its contrast and brightness.
  • Final artwork.
  • Additional assets were created for various sizes.
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