Textos para nada, Ornitorrinco Press

  • Ornitorrinco is an independent publisher from Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. It was born with the aim to celebrate “the uniqueness of bizarre”, such as the animal it is named after. This first collection, Texts for nothing [Texts for no one] is a series of small books that compasses a wide variety of writing styles and authors: from well-known / award-winning writers to unpublished authors.
  • Considering the low cost of production—it should be printed in a digital on demand press—the idea for this project revolves around a singular structure that remains the same for the four booklets: a pattern of circular shapes over different coloured papers printed only in black. The dotted pattern is printed using the same hot foil printing cliche, varying only the foil tape color. By establishing those restrictions, it was possible to explore different cover design variations: from all type compositions to illustrated artwork.
    Cover text is set in Pattern Blank by Mauve Type. Interior pages are set in Abril Text designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione.