Digital Markets

  • Digital Markets 
    A high-tech trading platform for making deals on financial markets in real time.
  • This project includes a full cycle of 3D motion graphics video project. We developed a script, storyboard, 3D modelling, animation, rendering, compositing, HUD design and animation, sound design and final editing. The main task was to show costumers and employees through the full 3D video benefits and advantages of this product.
    The most part of the video consisted of screencasts showing technical details of the product average person wouldn't understand. We decided to create the Director's cut version that will show you all our design work and won't burden you with unnecessary  technical things.
    This project was made from scratch and we are proud to show you a bunch of work we did below.
  • Style frames
  • Storyboard
  • HUD
    design and animation
  • Details
    (images and gifs)
    Software used : Cinema 4D. Redshift. Adobe After Effects. Adobe Photoshop. 
    Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Premiere. Procreate. 
  • Credits
    Art Direction and Full production - Ilya Tsvetkov 
    Design, storyboard and HUD  - Viktorija Grachkova

    Thank you!