All my Advertising work

  • This project section gathers all advertising work I have created, from idea to creation.
    It will be updated every time I think an Ad project is worthy of being here, the other ones are on the streets.
  • About the landing of rover Perseverance on Mars. FedEx is always the first to arrive. Anywhere. Personal work for FedEx.
  • Regarding the end of Daft Punk's career.
    Das Auto is now Das Punk.
    Just like the Beetle, Daft Punk will surely remain a classic. Personal work for VW.
  • Campanha de sensibilização à doação de sangue para o IPST.
  • Campanha para o Priberam Dicionário.
  • Covid-19 awareness campaign for Johnnie Walker. (Stay still. Stay at home.)
  • NIKE Advertising - Personal
    Featured on Ad World Masters and somewhere else on the internet.
  • Personal Covid-19 Ad (use mask) awareness NIKE
  • VIAGRA (Pfizer)
    Ad - Halloween
  • Personal Viagra (Pfizer)
    Ad - Mount nEverest
  • Campanha de sensibilização ao Racismo. Destacada na Revista BRIEFING e MARKETEER.
  • Personal covid-19 awareness advertising for UHU.
  • Christmas Ad for Weatherman.
  • Campanha de sensibilização
    ao Covid-19.
  • TESA Ad
    for Valentine's day
  • Personal McDonald's Ad response to Burger King (The Moldy Whopper)
  • Thank you for your time.

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