Harman Kardon // Neo


  • Introducing an all-new Harman Kardon 
    Ultra-Portable & IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth® Speaker.

  • Designed as the entry-level go-to companion for the trendy jet-setter and
    exclusive traveller, it delivers impeccable sound anywhere you go.

  • Boasting a compact form factor with an integrated fabric strap, 
    attach the HK Neo to enjoy the vibes everywhere you want!

    Crafted for hand-friendliness, the Harman Kardon Neo is made from a soft 
    and simple shape. It features a front metal shell with an integrated acoustic grille, 
    a double injected back-piece and a durable water-resistant strap.

    The sturdy fabric strap on the HK Neo is a design highlight, where 
    value is shifted from 'tech' features to more fashion-oriented details.

  • Colour accents bring focus and attention to the material quality and definition. 
    Crafted details on the clip are combined with radial brush finishing for a premium look & feel, 
    whilst the double stitching on the strap reinforces its structure.

    The grille pattern is designed parametrically with an organic 
    definition of the 60 degree slash icon from Harman Kardon.

    The front metal aluminium shell is integrated to the acoustic grille design, 
    shaped with a full undercut and covering more than 80% of the total body.

  • The shell is mechanically reinforced and conceals 
    an acoustic mesh to protect the drivers from dust.

    Double injected TPU enables for acoustic damping at the intersection between the front 
    metal shell and the back of the HK Neo. The texture tooling creates an additional level of 
    tactility to the contrast between the warm and cold materials on the body.

    Development process, early validation, refinement and cosmetic follow-up
    from early mock-up prototypes all the way through to mass production.

    Online & In-store.