Logo and monogram for Bartolo Entertainment


    THE CORE Create a monogram logo design for Bartolo Entertainment, LLC (BE). The company is aimed at providing musicians and artists with top grade talent management. Services also include artist marketing and artist branding. Furthermore, the company intend to sell apparel, such as t-shirts and hoodies, with a motivational theme. 
    CUSTOMERS The typical customer is the young talented musician/artister/singer/rapper who is eager to getting his/her music heard or put into the right hands. BE will guide the career of artists so they won't have to worry about the business side of music – they can focus on what they are best at: creating music. The customers care about loyalty and honesty. The customers will be reached through BE's site, word-of-mouth and active presence on tv, radio, et c.
    COMPETITION A couple examples of competitors are Moe Shalizi and Dre London.
    FEELINGS/TONE Words that should be associated with the brand are: Motivation, Success, Luxury, Boldness and Simplicity. 
    USAGE The logo will be used on website, business cards, flyers, apparel, packaging, labels, et c.  

    / SOLUTION /

    SIMPLISTIC SOLUTION My goal with the overall visual design is to establish Bartolo Entertainment, LLC as a bold company that adds simplicity to their customers – so they can focus on what they do best. I want to capture that feeling of simplicity in the branding.  
    QUALITY Furthermore, the branding also should breathe “quality” in order to add trust and a feeling of loyalty. 
    EWOKE THE RIGHT FEELINGS When you see the logo you should get a sense of what Bartolo Entertainment, LLC stands for. The logo is a polished modern design that signals boldness and success.
    EASY TO RECOGNIZE, EASY TO USE The logo design is distinct and very easily recognized in just black or white. The logo is versatile and can be used in different environments and surroundings (from a small icon on Instagram to labels and business cards). 
    UNIQUE The overall expression is different from known competitors and stands out. 

  • Above. Sketching is a very important part of every project.

  • Above. Initial various vector options of the BE monogram in various style directions. 

  • Above. Mockup of the monogram logo in use on the website. 

  • Above. Final monogram logo in golden costume. 

  • Above. Mockup of clothing labels with the BE monogram logo. 

  • Above. Cap mockup with the BE monogram logo. 

  • Above. Use of the BE monogram logo in social media, for example Instagram. It is necessary to apply the logo in different visual environments to make sure it works from large to small. 

  • Above. Final complete logo with company name. Customized typography. 

  • Above. Visual harmony between monogram and company name (1x vs 2x). 

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