• In early days the Indian trucks used to have horns with just a single pitch sound. With the technological advancements in recent years, even the horns of the trucks have changed. Horns with multiple pitched sounds and multiple buttons were introduced, with pre-recorded sounds. These horns sound like a musical instrument when used and have made the act of honking fun. This ornamentation of the sound makes the noise seem less rude to others traveling on the highway. Inspired by this observation, nine musical wooden boxes were designed and laboriously hand painted to carry the exhibition title—Horn Please. Each of these boxes was equipped with four buttons each and produced different pitched sounds when pushed individually.
  • Instead of putting the name of the exhibition on a vinyl sticker, I decided to build these boxes to facilitate interaction between the audience and the product. The remaining design contained a secondary phrase, some symbols and motifs, all of which was inspired by the Truck Art of India.
  • The name of the exhibition—Horn Please, was etched onto the wooden pieces and then assembled into boxes, to be hung onto the exhibition walls. The etching was accomplished using a laser cutter and the boxes were put together using various tools in the wood shop.
  • During the exhibition, the hand-painted quality of the beautiful, colorful, and intricate designs as well as the interactive nature of the boxes drew crowds of all ages towards them.