iOS Mobile Launch Video

  • In my full-time work at E*TRADE, I'm often asked to lend a hand when it comes to video work. In this case, the Company was relaunching its iOS mobile app. The initial ask for this video was that it be styled as a movie trailer. "No problem," we thought. But then as we worked through the storyboard, it didn't necessary promote the app in the way we wanted.

    So then I proposed a style similar to what you see here, except with flying non-Apple device mockups. We were now on the right track, but the External Communications team now wanted actual Apple devices. The only trouble with this? I've never done 3D animation. 

    So I learned.

    As I familiarized myself with Element 3D within After Effects, the team finalized the screenshots and copy they want in the final product. Slowly but surely, my device animations, lighting, and timing began to take shape. And after three major iterations and a few incremental adjustments, this is the final product. 

    It was shared across Company social media channels and promoted to journalists who cover the financial services industry via paid content which led to several media hits.