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    Jurny transforms vacant apartments into beautifully curated, furnished, and professionally operated short-term rentals that generate 3x more profit than traditional leases.
  • The Jurny experience begins at your home, and ends when you check out at your destination. Jurny covers everything in between, and gives you peace of mind.
  • The Jurny logo conveys that 'all-inclusive' experience. Rounded custom typeface highlights the easiness to use and the approachable nature of the product. 
  • Two beautifully functional typefaces are set for Jurny's brand communications. Apron is an excellent match for what Jurny represents, and it played a role on establishing the brand's unique character, while Adelle Sans creates a great reading experience.
  • Selected pages from the Brand Style Guide which is designed to ensure consistent use of the logo and the brand materials throughout all mediums:
  • One of the poster design concepts:
  • Stationery elements:
  • The Jurny App icon:
  • A two-pager that tells the brand story and the Jurny Experience in a nutshell:
  • Interior design applications that explore the ways of implementing the brand visuals in the work environment in a fun way:
  • An animated, comprehensive B2B Keynote deck created for Jurny's prospect business partners... Main goal is to present the value proposition in a simple, yet attractive way, and inform the viewer about the benefits of a possible collaboration.
  • Thank you. Hope you enjoyed your Jurny! :)