The Mind & More

  • The Mind & More imagines a world where people are empowered to live as the healthiest version of themselves. Rule29 partnered with The Mind & More to develop their logo, brand identity, brand guidelines, marketing assets, and website.
  • Offering everything from nutrition training to yoga to psychological services, The Mind & More website invites people to pursue holistic health no matter where they’re at in their wellness journey. With a mix of dimensional gradients and linework illustrations, the website communicates the depth of wellness and care customers will receive from The Mind & More. Tone-on-tone graphics create a friendly yet sophisticated look that demonstrates the core beliefs of The Mind & More, inviting people of all lifestyles to join the LA-based community.
  • The Mind & More’s corporate identity features smooth, curved waves that blend gradients of the primary brand color to create a rhythmic flow throughout the pieces. The rounded corners of the business cards coupled while the dividing dots and lines that pull from The Mind & More’s logo create a cohesive collection.
  • Rule29 had the privilege of developing a colorful, geometric magazine ad to invite active seniors to participate in studio activities. With a central focal point and a bold statement that floods the left page, the viewer is drawn in to read about what The Mind & More has to offer.