Romance Journal — Issue 3

  • Romance Journal — Issue 3

    Romance Journal is a yearly publication that explores human experiences through the eyes of powerful, thoughtful and creatives humans. Issue 3 revolves around the theme of creation, and features 12 women, all of whom are fueled by the magnetic desire to express themselves fully and in their own way. The issue is replete with intimate conversations, captivating portraiture, and thought-provoking works of art.

    Role Designer & Art Director
    Publication Romance Journal
    In Collaboration With Gucci
    Studio RoAndCo
    Creative Director Roanne Adams
    Managing Director Rebecca Angus Smith
    Contributing Editor Alex Zafiris
    Contributing Artist Loie Hollowell
    Portrait Artist Alex Merry
    Designer Maristella González
    Illustrator Chelase Lane White
    Project Manager Mary Whit Danielson
    Web Developer Simon Lagneaux

  • Editorial photography by Bjarne x Takata, Jens Ingvarsson and KT Auleta.
    Case study photography by Graham Pollack.