Making Waves in Financial Technology

    Liquidnet is one of the world’s largest block trading and financial technology companies with over $2 billion in liquid assets. In 2018, they reached out NYC design studio, Hieronymus Design, to refresh the logo and build a new flexible system to keep the brand nimble. Hieronymus commissioned Welcome Stranger to assist with logo and identity studies and the rest is history.
    As Liquidnet was shifting its focus from being a block trading company to include financial technology, they were looking for a way to update their brand and modernize their assets and toolkit. Using the brand mantra, “Superior access to a world of performance opportunities” we simplified the logo to a shape that felt bold and iconic, perfectly suited to the team at Liquidnet. Fluid and dynamic, the new logo refines Liquidnet’s “wave” logo into a simplified icon that become a powerful tool for the company to leverage its brand recognition to across the globe. Symbolizing the ability to spot trends in financial markets before they become fads, the new mark also creates a link between the organization and the customer.
  • Using the logo as the germ of the brand system, we created an angled grid in which to align graphics in bold an unexpected way. And in an industry usually known for being conservative and corporate, we developed a vivid palette of gradients to signal Liquidnet’s position as an iconoclast in the investment industry.
  • Once we developed a system for the brand, the web team at Liquidnet ran with it and created an all new website that dynamically showcased the brand updates.
    Client: Hieronymus Design / Liquidnet
    Website Design: Liquidnet Internal Web Team
    New York City, New York