Rabbit Ladders
    Let Your Imagination Run Wild

    Rabbit Ladders is a kids store built for kids, aimed to empower and enrich the lives of its customers.

    Rabbit Ladders is owned and operated by the mother and son team of Wendy Goodman and Ben Goodman. They bring their passions for working with kids, fashion and the community to Los Angeles.
  • The Rabbit Ladders logo was hand lettered to bring warmth to the clean and minimal look to the typography. We also created a separate Bunny Ladders mark for infant clothes.
  • Based on a true story.

    Rabbit Ladders is based on a true story from Wendy's childhood. She was always an entrepreneur with a vivid imagination. At five years old, Wendy saw that there were rabbits in her family's Detroit-area neighborhood. In an attempt to help friends and neighbors better play with these furry strangers, she decided to walk door to door and sell imaginary Rabbit Ladders for the rabbits to climb through the kitchen windows and eat carrots from the refrigerator. With a crayon drawing of her concept in hand, she was able to sell her creations for a nickel a piece. It's this kind of imagination, creativity and child-like whimsy that Rabbit Ladders is all about.
  • Forever Summer in LA

    Summer campaign graphics for Rabbit Ladders. We created a series of fun, LA inspired rabbits for use as in-store graphics, on social media and for Rabbit Ladder merchandise.
    Client: Rabbit Ladders
    Los Angeles, California