Ono Food Co.


    Ono Food Co.
    Blends With Benefits

    With a belief that delicious, healthy and affordable food should be available everywhere, Ono Food Co. reimagines the mobile dining concept to deliver real food in real time. Using robotic technology that makes smoothies quicker and less expensive, Ono Blends is Ono Food Co.’s first automated foods venture.

    Ono Food Co. partnered with Welcome Stranger to create a creative brand experience inspired by the vivid colors and experiences of Hawaii, where the concept was conceived and developed. Using abstract shapes and dynamic lettering, Ono Blends balances simplicity and minimalism with playfulness. Strategically countering the sterile connotations of robotics, we developed a dynamic palette of warm and creative brand elements for a fresh take on the tropical aesthetic.
  • A brand built for flexibility and modularity.

    The Ono Blend logo was designed with a loose modularity, connoting the individual ingredients in all of the smoothies and complemented by blocky geometric shapes that nod to behind the scenes technology.
    Additionally, we created a simple mark for the parent company, Ono Food Co.
  • Nature makes food perfect, we make it easy.

    Because everyone has their own idea of perfection, the Ono Blend menu tailors itself to your personal food choices. Adaptive ordering remembers what you like and helps to find new ingredients to discover.
  • Just the right amount of play.

    Dynamic type and bold shapes contrast the bright smoothie colors while product art direction is inspired by Ono’s spiritual home in the islands.
  • Icons for an easy-to-use interface.

    Because so much of the interaction with the brand is on a mobile device or the ordering screen, it was critical to make it easy for customers to understand the benefits and details of the produce.
  • Instagram story and feature graphics with in-depth focus on the blends and their unique benefits as well as graphics for each of their locations.
    Client: Ono Food Co.
    Photography: Rachel Strum
    Los Angeles, California
    2019 – 2020