Sustainability is Sexy

    Verde is a sustainability consultancy with offices in California, Illinois and Hawaii. Striving to help identify and implement steady changes, Verde provides a boutique sensibility for organizations who want to lower their overall company footprint and understands how doing the right thing for the future creates positive impacts on the company’s bottom line.
    Verde contacted Welcome Stranger to update their identity and position them as a premier boutique consulting group that is heads and shoulders above the competition. With that in mind, we created an elegant and dynamic collateral system of stickers and custom tape with foil accents for a pop of sophistication. The new modular system creates a hand-done touch with personalization that’s key aspect of their services.
  • We developed a flexible collateral system with layers of sophistication, wit and subtle touches of botanical inspiration through organic shapes. The patterns used on tape and background elements is inspired by the banded sections of coconut palms, a nuanced reference to Verde’s deep love of the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Various collateral
    Client: Verde Sustainability Consultancy
    Photography: Welcome Stranger
    Aliso Viejo, California
    2019 — 2020