Empty Spaces Series

  • Cozy Design Studio
    In this project I decided to model 3D scenes/spaces which are now empty because of COVID-19. People which  worked here few weeks ago now should stay at home and definitely should try to work remotely if it's possible. But when the time comes and it all ends we all will get back to our lovely workspaces like for example in this cozy design studio.

  • In detail - Close-ups and Clay Renders
  • Minimalist Office Center
    This workspace also became empty. Time had stopped. The cups on the table are empty and there are no coffee or tea in it. Sometimes we all need take a break, relax and with new power get back to work. Hope this moment will come as soon as possible.

  • In detail - Close-ups and Clay Renders
  • Ancient Museum
    Arria and Paetus are wondering why they don't have big crowds of loud tourists in this museum. They and other works of art expected endless flashing of lights from cameras or smartphones and big noise, but instead they got ambient silence, empty space and hope for better time.

  • In detail - Close-ups and Clay Renders