Three Pregnant Men

  • Three Pregnant Men Movie Poster
  • I had a wonderful time illustrating this movie poster for Bennett LT's first feature-length film, Three Pregnant Men. It is a mockumentary-style comedy that pokes fun at traditional standards of masculinity, so we wanted the poster to be a play on the glamorous "Earth Mother" photoshoots, but starring these three potbellied men instead, posing beneath giant phallic flowers. The two supporting female characters are their emotional rocks throughout the tumultuous storyline, so we decided to place them symbolically "holding up" the film title banner.

    About Three Pregant Men: A documentary crew follows the world’s three first pregnant men throughout the final term of their pregnancies as they try to keep their identities secret from the public & struggle against the corporation that impregnated them. A mockumentary-style comedy about gender, growth, privilege, and empathy.
  • Mid-process shot of the poster, when linework and flat color had just been added.
  • Sketch used for the final artwork.
  • Reference still from the film, that shows the personality of the characters.
  • Photo of the backlit poster before the Premiere at SVA Theater.