• Project notes:

    The project objective was to create a scenic design for the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Canada while developing the identity for the exhibition.

    When you hear the name Élizabeth Louise Vigée LeBrun, the next name that may come to mind is that of Marie-Antoinette. Vigée Lebrun painted over 20 portraits of Marie-Antoinette in a great variety of poses and costumes, it was evident to run the campaign around the French Queen with the Palace of Versailles as the setting. Motif from her paintings was brought back on the drapery and also used as palm to put the focus on her glory days as the official portraitist to Marie-Antoinette. The royal Monogram of Queen Marie Antoinette was also used as embroidered on the drapery overhead to bring some richness to it.

    The overall set/scenery was created to support the content and values of the exhibition. The lace curtain drapes helped transform the colonnade of the National Gallery into the perfect palace setting such as the royal residence at Versailles. With the embroidered overhead and the drapery panels, seeing this gorgeous view from far invited you to go up the colonnade and then under the curtains to enter the exhibition. The drapery was the main anchor piece, but it was also supported by other banner display. The scenic design was aim to set you in the mood and to link with the full promotional package that supported the exhibition. Playing the art director role for the project I had the responsibility for the overall artistic visual.