swoon - 2020 Valentine's

  • This years valentine theme was inspired by a lettering sketch I had started years ago and never finished. It was this idea of using gem like shapes to spell out "swoon". While I'm sure if I ever completed that, it would have been beautiful - I'm happy that it served as the inspiration for the 2020 valentine cards. Bringing the idea to life with actual faux gems, was better than I could have imagined. Below is the process and final outcome.  
  • the original sketch.
  • all the faux jewels <3 
  • the final lettering against a painted background.
  • the final output front and back in Illustrator. These turned out a bit darker than expected, but still amazing.  
  • final prints from Moo.com. 
  • decided to use a mint green envelope for some untraditional valentine colors. 
  • used a metallic gold pen for an elevated touch. 
  • bonus pic from when I was capturing the final image.