Naturale - Fast casual restaurant

  • Naturale
    Fast casual restaurant 

    Naturale is a cosy fast casual restaurant in Rome offering local food with deep attention to the environment. After some years in business and before expanding to a second store in Rome city centre, the management needed a brand refresh.
    We were tasked to create a friendly and inclusive brand. We solved this task establishing a new vision and a voice for Naturale, making it stand out in the crowd of bistrot offering healthy local food.
    The name, Naturale (natural in English) has a lot of meanings in Italian. This gave us room to create a deep verbal identity that speaks to consumers in a friendly way and set Naturale apart from its competitors.  

  • Each element of the visual identity has been designed to create a language to allow a direct dialogue with customers. In this perspective, it was essential to find a solution to make the in-store communication easily manageable. For this, we provided different size tablets to be displayed on shelves located throughout the shop.
  • The brush strokes are used individually, as a pattern, for filling backgrounds and creating illustrations. The unrefined style represents the main concept of Naturale: avoid too processed foods but respect the ingredients to keep all nutritional values ​​intact.