Milkinside CGI art poem

  • CGi Poem project is an experimental piece by the Milkinside team - an exploration of what we do and why - inspired by, and made by the artists who help make artistry for our clients and partners.

    We are cognizant of our role as makers. We make experiences and products that touch people’s lives, but we live and create in the world of ideas.  We try to give life to the dreams we dream and inhabit together.

  • Styleframes

  • Producer/Design Director: Gleb Kuznetsov
    CG Supervisor: Alexey Churochkin
    Motion designers:  Alexander Eskin, Alexey Churochkin, Dmitry Cheremnov, 
    Anton Fyodorov
    Music & SFX: Monoleak
    Narrative writer: David Defendi 
    Client / Production: Milkinside
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