Slickfish - Branding and Visual Identity

  • Slickfish
    The greatest way to make a love connection

    Are you single and love Hiking, Fitness, Travelling, Camping or Food? Slickfish is a dating app that helps you build valuable relationships through meaningful connections. Meet local love interests through activities you enjoy, creating well-balanced chemistry.

    This is an on-going concept dating app project from 2017, which includes branding and visual identity design. It was designed and inspired by the interests and activities of local Vancouverites in British Columbia, Canada. The aim was to create an app that's set apart from other dating app giants like Tinder and Bumble and shows a different side of quality online dating. Allowing people to build the deep foundations of a lasting relationship through similar interests rather than superficial connections.

  • The Slickfish logomark was developed combining "connection" with a "fish" shape, which captures the bold meaning behind the brand name and movement. Applying curves, twists and flow make it an iconic and instantly recognizable logomark to build a strong visual language.  

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