I'm Here

  • I'm Here / Monograph by President ShuMing WU
  • 此專書是紀錄著吳淑明校長(現為講座教授)對學校的教育理念與管理經營的過程,以“ 我在(一直都在)”為概念主軸,雖然已卸任校長一職,但從校徽以及各成立的設計單位 ,都可以在校園內看到設計美學的軌跡,有著校長對設計的觀點與看法。

    The book is a record on President Shu-ming Wu's (currently seminar professor) educational beliefs and management process for the school. It uses "I'm Here (and always am)" as the conceptual base. Although no longer the president, everything on campus from the school emblem to each established design unit shows traces of design aesthetics as well as his viewpoints and opinions on design.

  • Creative & Art direction : JenWei Huang
    Design:JenWei Huang
    Integration​​​​​​​:ChiaHui Lien
    Photography:WU2 Creative Photography Co., Ltd.
    Printer:Colonel Printing Co., Ltd.
    ClientTungfang Design University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan