• MAQUINA MACHINE / Band Identity

  • Latin-American music and culture is deep and diverse and goes far beyond the modern depiction of reggaeton and trap-infused Latino tracks. It saddens me that when I look for Latin music in mainstream media most of what I get are these genres that for the most part are playing into the cliches and stereotypes of how Latin-America is perceived., sadly many Latinos embrace the stereotype and easily forget what makes us unique as individuals and strong as a community, our diversity. 

    That doesn't mean that there aren't amazingly talented people trying to do great things within those genres but there is much more.
    The feeling of plurality is what drove the prismatic aesthetic of the Electro-Psychedelic band, Maquina Machine. I wanted to play into the heat of the tropics, specifically the small Venezuelan town (Cumana) on the southern rim of the Caribbean where the band's founder and mastermind, Jon Cabrera and I started collaborating when we were teens.

    It is hot, blindingly hot, but like a piece of fabric flowing in the warm breeze, the waves of the Gulf of Cariaco, by contrast, cool us down.  Geometry is rigid and unrelenting, but it's glassy prismatic nature once more references the theme of diversity and plurality.